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Larry King Tries Vaping In Hilarious Video

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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TMZ caught up with Larry King at what looks to be outside of a restaurant as he was walking up to a valet stand. He was approached with some questions right when he spotted a woman vaping. He yells out, “That’s a good smoke!” The vaper then replies, “This is cucumber flavored. Have you tried it?” She then proceeds to put the vape pen in Larry’s mouth. He takes a nice pull and – in what makes for a funny video – doesn’t appear to enjoy himself. “If I ever go back, I’ll never go back to that,” he says. The vaper promises him the second draw is much better, basically explaining in so many words, you get used to it.

This video raises one major question: Did Larry King ask to try the vape because he was interested in vapes or because it was being used by a pretty young woman. It is clear that when King spotted the woman, he was instantly filled with excitement and curiosity as he reacted by getting their attention. He clearly put himself in that situation by shouting out to her. Of course their going to offer Larry King a draw right? But was Larry ready for it? I don’t know. It doesn’t look like it. Check out the video below.

I promise Larry, the second draw is better. Well, maybe NOT cucumber flavor. But next time you might want to think about a better pick up line.