Keep Your Cup Of Holiday Cheer Warm All Winter With This On Sale Mug Warmer

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Nothing says it’s holiday time like a cup of hot cocoa or tea to beat the chilly wind. This winter, keep your hot beverage warm until the very last drop with this 4-star rated mug warmer. Say goodbye to lukewarm tea!

For less than $10, the Salton Mug Warmer will safely keep your cup of joe heated until you finish it. Its portable design complete with non-slip padding makes it perfect not only for your home but also your office!

This might be one of the most useful things you get this winter (Photo via Amazon)

This might be one of the most useful things you get this winter (Photo via Amazon)

Salton Mug Warmer for $9.51

Amazon customers rave about the niftiness of this mug warmer:

“Seriously, best thing I have every gotten with birthday money! I use this thing anytime I am in class online or working and I never have to worry about the nasty sip of cold coffee unless my coffee is MEANT to be cold!” – Paul Bunyun, 5 stars

“Great for those times you get really engrossed on the computer and find your coffee has gone cold. Doesn’t happen any more!” – MILTY, 5 stars

“This is great for keeping a cup of tea or coffee warm while cooking and eating breakfast or at my desk while working. We’ve also used it as a small hot plate to keep a bowl of food warm at the table.” – Michelle Anderson, 5 stars

If the last few sips of your formerly hot beverage has you saying Bah-hum-MUG this winter, it’s time to treat yourself to this excellent mug warmer.

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Meghan Marsh