Serial Masturbator Does NOT Get Off, Sentenced To 4 Years Of Prison

Liam Clancy Reporter
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An Orlando man was sentenced to four years in prison last week after he was convicted of masturbating in front of children near a Shake Shack in Winter Park, Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Jermetras Watson, 40, has been charged in dozens of cases of public masturbation in the last 20 years, many in front of children. Watson regularly pleasured himself near playgrounds, day cares, and schools across Florida, according to court documents.

“The pattern shows documented incidents where… Watson has been caught publicly masturbating in front of victims of all ages and at all times of the day,” the court documents state.

Watson would reportedly ride his bicycle around child-filled areas, and even carried a jar of Vaseline with him.

“Mr. Watson seems to be progressing in his efforts to be near children and is becoming more bold while doing so,” a Winter Park police officer said in 2015.

Watson is currently being held in a Florida Departments of Corrections facility, and will not be released until 2021.