MSNBC Guest Compares Trump To A Literal Neo-Nazi Leader [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A guest on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday compared President Trump to George Lincoln Rockwell, a neo-Nazi.


Martin Lewis, a British producer and columnist, said, “By the way, I am being a little cruel about Donald Trump. I think we should give him–cut him a little bit of slack. There has been some discussion here that Donald Trump had been constantly saying that he hoped to be revered as a leader like Lincoln. And I can say now that it is going to be the case, he is like Lincoln. Lincoln Rockwell, the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party, mercifully no longer with us.” (RELATED: VA Dem Advertisement Links Gillespie, Trump To Neo-Nazis [PHOTO])

As he noted, George Lincoln Rockwell was the founder of the racist and anti-Semitic American Nazi Party. He became publicly known in the 1960s for using Nazi imagery and crusading against civil rights. (RELATED: Michael Moore Smears Trump Supporters As Nazis)

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