Jason Kenney Is Another Donald Trump, Says Alberta Premier

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is now saying that her Conservative opposition is sounding like the “south of the border”  and “isolationist” rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

In an Sunday interview with CTV News, Premier Rachel Notley claimed that United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney’s wants to “build a wall around Alberta.”

Notley, leader of the quasi-socialist New Democratic Party, is now facing a united right opposition, thanks to Kenney’s efforts to bring together the conservative parties of Alberta, and is increasingly targeting Kenney as a politically extreme.

“He’s essentially saying that, what we should do is build a wall around Alberta. I wouldn’t be surprised if, tomorrow, he comes out demanding that [the province of] B.C. pays for it,” Notley told CTV News. “And then the next day he’ll come out and wonder why it is that we can’t get the pipeline built.”

Exasperating her environmental supporters, Notley has begun a cross-country tour of Canada to promote augmenting the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline. Kenney thinks she should get tougher with neighboring province B.C., currently in the grips of an extreme coalition government of envionmental purists who reject the pipeline.

Notley dismisses the advice from Kenney. “He’s approaching and recommending a very isolationist view of how Alberta should engage with the rest of the country,” Notley told CTV News.

“I mean, none of this makes sense. It is rhetorical, it’s not logical, it doesn’t make sense, and that’s exactly the same kind of strategy that we see south of the border,” said Notley.

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