Brave Student Takes On Very Public Christmas Tree Challenge

Christmas Tree (Credit: Shutterstock)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Not everybody feels like a winner at the University of Alabama today.

Kelsey Hall is an undergrad student at Bama and recently tweeted out a photo of herself in a Christmas tree costume to get into the holiday spirit.

She told her followers if she gets 1,000 retweets she’d wear the costume for the rest of the semester.

The tweet picked up right away. After less than 24 hours, she’d gotten close to 200 retweets.

As the hours ticked by, she watched the retweets soar.

Even Twitter’s official account got in on the action. With its 62 million followers, the account inevitably sent Kelsey’s tweet over her 1,000 retweet goal.

Eventually, Kelsey’s Tweet received 16,000 retweets, and she indeed followed through with her promise — with video evidence.

The University of Alabama fall term doesn’t officially end until Dec. 15, so Kelsey has about 10 days left as a Christmas tree. Now that’s commitment.

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Jena Greene