O.J. Simpson’s Vote For The Heisman Trophy Winner Is In

Ford Springer | Reporter

In case you were wondering, O.J. Simpson still votes for who should receive the Heisman Trophy and his vote for this year’s award is already in.

Simpson shared his thoughts on the Heisman race on Monday night and suggested that some of his favorites that he was considering for the prestigious trophy weren’t even included in the list of final candidates. (RELATED: Here’s The List Of Finalists In Contention For The Heisman Trophy)

“I’ve already put my vote in,” Simpson told TMZ. “I thought it would be Jackson, Darnell from USC and Barkley, who I love from Penn State. And we got Baker Mayfield, we got this guy Love from Stanford, so who knows. They’re all worthy. We’ll see next week.”

(Photo credit: FREDERICK M BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

“The Juice” was leaving dinner with his daughter when the reporters got the inside knowledge from the former Heisman Trophy winner. It just so happened to be the daughter who was born the very same night he won the award 49 years ago.

“A bunch of years ago I was on the stand to get my Heisman Trophy and they hand me a note: ‘O.J. your daughter was just born.’ It was her,” he said pointing to his daughter walking next to him.

Simpson’s trophy was eventually sold at auction, but luckily for him his daughter is still sticking around all these years later.

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