Russia’s Hockey Team Being Banned From The Olympics Is A Horrible Decision

David Hookstead | Reporter

Russia’s entire squad got booted from the 2018 Winter Olympics, and it just won’t feel the same without their hockey team in South Korea.

I don’t care if the rest of the squad has to stay home on timeout, but the hockey team has to be allowed to play. They just simply have to be there.

America playing Russia in the Winter Olympics is without a doubt the best part about the Games. The Miracle on Ice is arguably the greatest moment in sports history.

A bunch of college kids strapped on some skates and beat the greatest hockey juggernaut ever known to man. We showed the world that freedom always wins. You don’t have a pulse if watching that game — or the movie — doesn’t give you chills.

We also can’t forget when T.J. Oshie had the greatest shootout in history in the 2014 Winter Olympics against the Russians.

President Donald Trump has to intervene in this situation. He simply has to. The Games will be so boring if it’s just the Canadians and Americans playing with each other.

Make it happen, Mr. President.

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