That Pastor Who Screamed At Little Kids ‘Santa Isn’t Real’ Is Back [VIDEO]

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The pastor who ruined Christmas in 2016 by telling kids that Santa Claus isn’t real is back at it again, this time taking his message straight to the North Pole.

During a visit to North Pole, Alaska, evangelist David Grisham told kids gathered at the Santa Claus House that “there is no such thing as Santa Claus,” and that “Christmas is about Jesus.”

Working with Last Frontier Evangelism’s Repent Alaska effort, Grisham took a video of the encounter and posted it on his Facebook page.

“I wanted to tell you kids today too that Santa Claus does not exist. Santa Claus is not real,” Grisham told the kids gathered in the store. “The man you’re going to meet today is a man wearing a suit like a costume and it’s make-believe. It’s not real.”

A store employee interrupted Grisham, telling him, “We understand that you have your beliefs, but everybody else has their beliefs as well. If you would not interfere with our customers, we would appreciate it.”

“I’m not interfering, I’m just telling them the truth,” Grisham said, promising that he’d be through in a minute.

Grisham then pleaded with parents, asking them to  share the real meaning of Christmas instead of filling the holiday season with vicious lies about reindeer and elves.

“I’d ask you parents, too, to please not lie to your children. Please, tell your children the truth about Jesus at Christmas, and not make Christmas a festival of gluttony and greed,” Grisham said.


Most of the parents and other customers let Grisham say his piece, and reprimanded him when he was finished and began exiting the store. “Why don’t you just leave and let us enjoy our holiday,” one woman said.

Grisham gave his anti-Santa speech in 2016 at a mall in Amarillo, Texas, where parents were far more irate about his Santa trutherism, and also hosted a 2010 mock execution of a Santa Claus piñata.

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