TheDC Newsroom: How Trump Affected Illegal Immigration, Chocolate Milk Is Back! [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Another episode of TheDC Newsroom is here, and it’s as spicy as ever.


Illegal Immigration Decreases Under Trump

  • Host Vince Coglianese spoke to Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Will Racke about the changes in illegal immigration under President Trump.
  • Border arrests fell to their lowest level since 1971 under President Trump, indicating decreased levels of illegal immigration. (RELATED: Border Apprehensions Plunge, Interior Arrests Surge In Trump’s First Year)
  • Interior immigration arrests also increased 25 percent from last year, showing the heightened level of immigration enforcement.

Trump Lifts Michelle Obama’s Ban On Chocolate Milk

  • Daily Caller reporter Benny Johnson spoke to Coglianese about the Trump administration’s reversal of food guidelines for public school cafeterias that banned chocolate milk. (RELATED: Trump Erases Another Tasty Part Of Obama’s Legacy. Got Milk, Michelle?)
  • Coglianese declared the decision “the great chocolate milk decree” adding, “even our school lunches need sex appeal, and the Trump administration realizes that.”

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