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Artery PAL ALL IN ONE Kit: Inspired By A Credit Card Case’s Appearance And Portability.

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Artery’s PAL All In One Kit has a built-in 1200mah battery and holds 3ml of e-juice. The most unique feature is the slide-refilling system. To refill, you would remove the magnetized front panel and then slide the small glass cover downward to pour e-juice in. Those front panels are also interchangeable for personal customization. The PAL Kit is inspired by a “credit card” case; the ultra thin width makes it extremely portable. It comes in black, grey and red.

The video included below presents the Artery PAL Kit’s features and the analyst demonstrates it’s functionality as well as forms an overall opinion of it. He observes, “This one from Artery will appeal to those who don’t want a complicated vape, and prefer a mouth to lung type of hit. It’s really small, compact, and works well!”

We learn the charge time is very quick, 1.5 hours to fully charge up from a dead battery. There is no wattage adjustment, no temp control and no other customizing. You simply press the fire button and your good to go. “It is a nice, little inexpensive device for beginners,” he says.

Artery PAL All In One Kit on sale for $39.56