This Has To Be The Most Horrifying Christmas Decoration Yet

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Tired of regular old Biblical angels at the top of your Christmas tree? You’re in luck. Because the 2017 holiday season is officially being re-marketed as Resistmas.

Now, scorned and despondent sore losers still crying over the election can top their trees with a variety of women that represent the resistance.

Nonprofit group “Women To Look Up To” has made some iconic women available for purchase and veneration. Here’s a couple of my personal favorites:

The oh-so relatable Beyonce:

Serena Williams, who isn’t very vocal about her politics, somehow gets lumped into the group all the same:

And how could we forget Hillary Clinton? Complete with angel wings to remind her admirers just how perfect she really is.

Also marketed is queen of moral high ground and fierce conqueror of chocolate milk Michelle Obama. Complete with her own glitter and wings.

But if celebrating corrupt politicians as angelic idols isn’t contradictory enough, you can also buy confusing cards to celebrate the holiday season in perfect 2017 fashion:

Merry Resistmas to all the deplorables who cling to their guns and religion out there.