This Holiday’s Hottest Toys For Kids Are Called WowWee Fingerlings

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Part of my role here as the Daily Dealer is to alert our readers of the best deals available on the internet. But I also must inform the audience of any hot new items when hit the marketplace. So here I am telling you about WowWee Fingerlings. If you are a parent, you probably are already familiar with WowWee Fingerlings. And if you are a parent who hasn’t, you can thank me for saving your child’s Christmas.

What are WowWee Fingerlings? Well, they are small, electronic animals – most popularly a monkey, but also a sloth and a unicorn – that you wrap around your finger. (Hence the name). Then, they respond to sound, motion and touch, and react differently depending on how you interact with it. I was going to explain in more detail all the different possible responses, but after watching the video below, they got too many and confusing. (For example, the reactions are different depending on if the animal is upside down). Watch the video at the bottom of the article yourself to get a better idea yourself.

Where can you get WowWee Fingerlings? Retail stores such as Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us are supposed to sell these hit toys, but as you can imagine with the season’s hottest gift (remember Hatchimals last year?), they very rarely have them in stock. Your best bet to ensure you get one in time may be to buy from Amazon. Amazon has options like the monkey in colors such as pink, turquoise, black, blue, purple and white), and some sellers are even offering the sloth and unicorn.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

WowWee Fingerlings – Interactive Baby Monkey — $42

I think WowWee would rather you buy from one of their brick and mortar partners, but at this time of year that may be impossible. And you don’t want your kid to be disappointed Christmas morn.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but the holiday shopping season has truly just begun. Amazon is currently running a “12 Days of Deals” promotion, and the Daily Dealer continues to feature the best offers from around the Internet. And don’t miss our 2017 Christmas gift guide, which we will continue to update throughout the season.


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