A Certain Football Team Is Showing Major Interest In Colin Kaepernick

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Matt Candler Contributor
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(Stadium public address announcer)

“Starting at quarterback for your Richmond Roughriders, #7, CO-LIN KEAP-ER-NICK!”

How great would that be?

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback turned social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick still isn’t drawing any interest from NFL teams for his services. But, there is one owner of the Arena League that salivates over the idea of Kaepernick joining his squad.

Rapper Jim Jones recently became part-owner of the AFL’s Richmond Roughriders. TMZ caught up with Jones, and he took the opportunity to make his hiring pitch.

“Kaep, listen, man. If you wanna keep your scales up to par, man, come on down to the Roughriders, man. We got a couple dollars too, too. We can talk about some business”, Jones said.

“I think the world would pay to watch you play, in any form of football. So, I got a platform for you. You know, come talk to me.”

Jones was then asked if any pre-game kneeling antics would fly on his team. If Kaepernick joined the Roughriders, he says he would actually encourage it.

“We bringing out beach chairs, said Jones. “You heard? We ain’t just kneelin’ brah. We bringin’ out beach chairs and pina coladas.”

Kaepernick has already done his fair share to help destroy the NFL. We’ll see if he has it in him to ruin another league.