LeBron James Painfully Tries To Act Cool – References Playing Video Games

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James told the media yesterday that he plays NBA 2K18 to prepare himself for Isaiah Thomas’ return to the lineup.

“It’s the most realistic basketball game you could ever play. I mix and match a lot of lineup changes to see how we can be really good. I’ve done that,” James said about preparing for Thomas’ return, according to ESPN Dave McMenamin.

I refuse to believe that this is a true statement. It very well might be, but I just don’t want to believe that it is. I mean that actually as a compliment to LeBron. He’s way too dedicated of a player in my mind to waste time on video games.

The games aren’t also very realistic at all. I can take just about any player and score 40 with them. I had a college roommate who used to regularly score 50+ with Kyle Korver in every single game. Like I said, not realistic at all.

My guess that this is just some attempt to look like a regular guy. I don’t blame LeBron for it, but it’s not very believable. How much fun is winning in a video game when you’ve already done it in life? Probably not fun at all.

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