‘Morning Joe’ Again Questions Trump’s Fitness For Office [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” rigorously questioned President Donald Trump’s fitness for office on Thursday morning because of alleged slurring during the president’s Jerusalem speech.


Toward the end of Trump’s speech about moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel to Jerusalem, Trump seemed to trip over his words. The White House said that Trump had a dry throat and needed water, but that didn’t stop the “Morning Joe” crew from speculating about Trump’s health.

Steve Schmidt, who calls himself a Republican strategist, asserted that “the question of his fitness, of his stability is in the air.”

“It doesn’t get better when you see clear impairments,” he continued. “I don’t know, is that a tooth problem, is that something else…in that video, in that speech, that impairment is chilling.”

Joe Scarborough jumped on the bandwagon, claiming that he told fiancee Mika Brzezinski at the beginning of the speech that Trump looked unwell.

“There’s a remarkable change” in Trump’s health over the past 20 years, Scarborough said.

“He seemed as if he was almost hanging onto the prompter and hanging onto the words,” Brzezinski chimed in. “In the entire presentation there was a struggle.”

Willie Geist was the only panelist who brought up that Trump’s odd speech pattern could have been due to lack of water.

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