Olivia Munn Suggests She Faced ‘Threatening Calls’ Over Allegations Against Brett Ratner

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Olivia Munn suggested Wednesday that she received “threatening calls” and considered leaving the country as she went public with sexual misconduct allegations against film producer Brett Ratner.

“Ronan Farrow and everyone at the New York Times and all the women who stepped forward in the beginning, they opened the flood gates for the rest of us,” Munn told the Associated Press Wednesday on the red carpet ahead of The Hollywood Reporter’s 2017 Women in Entertainment breakfast. (RELATED: Hollywood Mogul Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of Olivia Munn)


“Obviously with my story, it all was public in 2011 with Brett Ratner taking credit for it, ” she added. “And yet the world didn’t do anything. Nobody cared.”

“I don’t know why they care what happens to us today, but I am just grateful and thankful that they do,” she continued. “And I am thankful for everybody that opened the flood gates for the rest of us.”

Later she explained that she received “threatening calls” around the time when she spoke out against the producer.

“It’s never an easy decision, because you’ve got people with a lot of money and a lot of power,” Munn explained. “There are a lot of people who collude to keep these guys in power because they make money off of them. So, nobody wants to disrupt the status quo because they make money.”

“You get a lot of threatening calls before and people threatening your livelihood,” she added. “And you are doing the math in your head, ‘Do I live in Puerto Rico? Do I go to Costa Rica?’ But at the end of the day, you know you just have to push forward.”

In November, Munn was one of six ladies who accused Ratner of sexual harassment and misconduct following the flood of allegations by numerous woman against Harvey Weinstein and James Toback.

Munn told the Los Angeles Times that early in her career, Ratner masturbated in front of her in his trailer when she delivered him a meal. She wrote about the incident in 2010, but never named Ratner. The producer a year later brought up the comment during a talk show appearance and bragged that he “banged” her, but later said that wasn’t true.