This Guy Trashing My Knowledge Of College Football Is The Best Thing Ever

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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We’re in a dull period for football right now, and I think this is the perfect time to bring to you guys my new favorite reader.

There is a guy who routinely e-mails me trashing the Big Ten and pumping up the SEC. His e-mail are pure electricity.

Here are a few of his hits:

ON Wisconsin…to a lesser Bowl Game. Meanwhile, as Alabama Tuesday may be ranked 4th to go against Clemson-Georgia will play Oklahoma.  I understand Crow is a bitter dish…especially when you have to eat a ton of it

No we don’t need EIGHT CFB Playoff spots. To clutter up 4 Bowl games then have 2 Bowl games with repeats GET to the final two. NCAA Basketball is a joke with 64 teams qualifying for playoff spots. While another 32 NCAA Basketball teams qualify for NIT playoff spots thus 96 NCAA Basketball teams will ALWAYS every year qualify for post season play rendering conferences & rival games all but meaningless.  (With not even Duke keeping a roster together for two years) Nor does the NBA which has 25% of its teams making the playoffs-every year a good route to take. 

Ohio State lost to Oklahoma by 15 points to Iowa by 31 points escaped Penn State 39-38 and proceeded to beat Non Bowl Bound Indiana, Rutgers, Nebraska, Maryland, Illinois (already mentioned Iowa)   And without UNLV, Army, and a pedestrian Michigan & Michigan State got nothing much going on.  I’m sorry Wisconsin has been overrated all year. But Ohio State will get hammered by USC in the Cotton Bowl shutting down all the talk…at least this year.  They’ll always be 2018 when the punditry will blah about Notre Dame-Michigan-Ohio State-maybe Wisconsin 

Absolute Certainty Oklahoma will not just win but “wipe out” Georgia. 

I’m not sure Baylor who lost 41-49 to OU, Texas who lost 24-29 to OU, or Iowa State who beat OU 38-31 are superior teams to Georgia. In fact OU beat UTEP, Tulane, and Kansas 153-24. Another fact 325 points were scored against OU for the season the Team surrendering an average of 3 TD’s plus a FG per game. Georgia faced an OU type team in MIZZO and beat them 53-28 (MIZZO having a very good QB who pads his stats against lesser mortals his team all O and suspect D). That’s why they play the games we’ll see

“I think the SEC gets exposed for the frauds that they are.”  Well you’d better hope so!  So far your “On Wisconsin” Guaranteed Conference Champion BS was totally wrong. Having 31 point blowout loser to Iowa 1 point winner over  Penn State-Ohio State didn’t make the show. (Does The Daily Caller actual pay you a salary?)  Tucker Carlsen needs to put you in his TV interview dunk tank and soak your ass. 


OU 49 – Baylor 41

OU 29 – Texas 24

OU 31 – Iowa State 38

These three teams are superior to Georgia?

OU 153 – UTEP, Tulane,Kansas 24

These games proved what exactly?

OU had 325 points scored against them giving up 3 TD’s & a FG per game!

Yeah something just might be exposed as a fraud after all 

Is this guy the greatest thing ever or is he the greatest thing ever? This is why I love college football. A guy I’ve never met is e-mailing me like it’s his job to let me know I suck at mine.

Now, to his credit, I have been wrong a few times. He seems to have taken it upon himself to remind me when I screw up. I don’t hate it. I expect to be held to the highest standard possible, and my new best friend is doing a great job.

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