Trump Asked Pearl Harbor Veteran What He Remembers, And He Immediately Burst Into Song [VIDEO]

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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President Trump was hosting Pearl Harbor Survivors at the White House Thursday to honor the anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack.

Trump went down the line, recognizing and complimenting each elderly veteran. In his prepared remarks, Trump recalled the popular phrase during WWII, ‘Remember Pearl Harbor.’ “One great battle cry could be heard by American friends and foes alike: Remember Pearl Harbor,” Trump said, asking the veterans rhetorically, “Have you heard that before a few times?”

At the question, one of the veterans broke into song. The song stunned the room as he sang:

Remember Pearl Harbor.

Just remember Pearl Harbor as you did the Alamo.

We should always remember how they died for liberty.

Just remember Pearl Harbor and go on to victory.

Trump loved it.