After CNN Called Trump A ‘Promise Keeper,’ So Don Jr. Wondered If Their Accounts Were Hacked

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump made good on a campaign promise this week by officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and beginning the process of moving the US Embassy to the Israeli city.  The president received praise and criticism for the move. However, there is one outlet which wrote a headline no one was expecting.

CNN published a story entitled, ‘Donald Trump — keeper of promises.’

In the article, CNN begrudgingly admits that Trump has bucked the typical political norms and kept most of his campaign promises.

The need to live up to that image helps explain why Trump, who is under ever-increasing pressure from the Russia investigation, on Wednesday recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital despite the widely acknowledged risks.

It was just the latest instance of the President obstinately honoring the bumper-sticker vows he made to his ultra-loyal supporters — even those that horrify the political and foreign policy establishment, media critics and allied leaders.

The CNN story outlines how, in a very imperfect way, Donald Trump has kept a large portion of his promises from the campaign including:

  • Renegotiating NAFTA
  • Pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Renegotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Travel Ban
  • Beginning the process of building the border wall
  • Tough negotiations with China
  • Strong economy and stock market

In response to the borderline complimentary article from one of the president’s biggest media opponents, the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, rubbed salt in the wound on Twitter.

Don Jr. assumed CNN had been hacked asking, “who are you and what have you done with CNN???”


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