In Life It’s Important To Know The Throws You Can And Can’t Make

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Here is some free advice for everybody out there: in life it’s crucially important that you know what throws you can and can’t make.

Just like any great quarterback, not everybody is capable of making the same plays. Here is a great example. Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford and Russell Wilson are all great quarterbacks capable of making a variety of different great throws.

However, they don’t make the same throws. Wilson excels throwing on the run and on play-action, Stafford is a gunslinger who sends it down field with the rocket attached to his body and Rodgers dominates the middle of the field. These guys make millions doing what they do best. They rarely try to operate outside of their wheelhouse. It’s one of the reasons why they’re so damn good.

The same applies to life in general. You have to know what areas to throw the ball with your skill set, and when to pull it back. Yesterday, a few of my coworkers and myself were engaged in a HEATED debate about relationships. I was getting absolutely hammered by my coworkers because I admitted I have weaker areas when it comes to women. Some very strong areas as well, but I do recognize the weaknesses.

I’m very similar to Russell Wilson. I’ll stick to the right side rollout, which gives me the options to hit the wide receiver on an outside slant or run the ball upfield. He runs this play to perfection so often that he rarely ever finds himself in the same situation as Matthew Stafford firing bullets downfield. On the flip side, Stafford is less mobile, and thus has to rely more on his arm to make big plays.

Both are kings of their respective skill sets, and neither tries to make the same play as the other. And for all the haters and losers out there, just remember that Wilson has a Super Bowl ring. You win by dancing with who brought you, aka, your respective skill set. Obviously, this isn’t to say Stafford and Wilson can’t do both, but they don’t choose their weakness as the first course of action.

You think I’m in the process of taking over the internet because I try to copy the skill sets of every other gunslinger out there? That’s the exact opposite. I allow the game come to me, read the defense, call the plays, execute to perfection and score points.

That’s what separates me and my team from everybody else sitting on the sidelines. They’re out there trying to make plays all over the field. There’s no consistency or game plan. They get nervous and frazzled, which is quickly reflected in performance. I’m over here with a game plan lighting up the field like it’s a joke. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

The same applies to everything in life. You can either be the perfect quarterback or you can be an alright version of a few different QBs. What’s it going to be?

Here’s one more final motivational video to get you to the weekend. Call the play, execute and score.

P.S.: Did I just give the greatest motivational speech of 2017? I think I might have.

P.S.S.: There is a billion percent chance I forget this motivational speech around midnight and start slinging it to the end zone from half field.

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