With The Stresses Of Modern Life, Everybody Should Have A Neck Massager

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If you’re like me, you often experience aches and pains. It comes with getting old, I guess. (It also comes with the weather getting cold). Whatever the reason, I often find that my neck hurts. And my back. And my shoulders. And other parts of my body as well. For most of my life, I have found very few ways to alleviate this, so instead I’ve resorted to taking a bunch of Ibuprofen. But then I found another way.

I’m talking about shiatsu neck and should massagers, such as this one from Nursal. It utilizes heat to ease any stress, and promote proper blood circulation. It emulates a hand massage, but with four kneading rollers and two pinching nodes, it can actually get your neck, shoulder and upper back all at once.

At the Daily Dealer, we feel strongly that everyone in today’s modern life should have one of these. As such, we got you 60 percent off with the code MWAZMO75.

Normally $140, this neck and shoulder massager is 60 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $70, this neck and shoulder massager is 60 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

NURSAL Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat and Adjustable Intensity & Speed on sale for $55.96 with code MWAZMO75

I’ll share what some of the customer reviewers said about this massager. (After all, 91 percent of them gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars).

McKay C. wrote:

This massager is really like someone using their hands to knead and massage your neck. Really quite impressive! My wife loves this and thinks it does a much better job at a massage than I do (it does).

This is the most unique massager I have used in that it does not spin or vibrate but rather it opens and closes just like someone using the palms of their hands to push together on your skin.

I prefer the default settings but there are additional settings that somewhat randomize the speed of the massage (I suppose to emulate a more real, less robotic massage).

The massage can also be heated (but the massaging parts don’t glow red like in the product picture). One thing of note; there was a weird packaged smell when I unboxed it. The smell fades after time.

Overall this is a good massager specifically if you are looking to massage your neck and upper back. I have not found a way to use it on other areas of the body (though I suppose if I was creative enough I probably could).

Annie, a top 1000 reviewer, had this to say:

I have seen these at brookstone and have been wanting to get one too. This one is even cheaper and works just as well. It came with an car adapter, power adapter and instructions. The instructions were vague but I understood the most part of how to operate it.

There is only one setting on the massager. You can intensify it by pulling it towards you with the arm straps. It does help me smoothen the knots on my shoulder. The rollers do dig into your shoulder and neck which feels amazing. It is almost as having a real masseuse working on your shoulders. There is a heat function that works that I enjoyed using along with massager. The massager shuts off automatically after 10 minutes which is the perfect time for each session.

Overall this is a great massager for the price. It works well and I really liked it. You can use it on other body parts, not just the shoulders and back. I have tried it on my calves and it felt really good

Tiffany P. titled her review “Amazing product for my stiff neck!“:

I have a severe neck pain for years and this massager help me a lot it works for neck , shoulder , lower back and also legs it is just amazing the massage is hard and that is that make a difference it is like a real people is giving the massage. My first impression was very good. The product is built well and comfortable.

You can adjust the intensity and speed for your needs and the units. It has a reverse bottom and heat. The heat feels nice and the rollers are intense. If you like deep tissue or hard massages you can use some down force on the arm straps to achieve this, if not simply do not put downward pressure. I really recommend this and hope you enjoy it the same as me.

Also, really fast shipping! I got it in less than 24 hours after ordering!!!

My favorite review, however, is the one titled “It’s like having a second pair of hands.” That review, from a user called Peachyest, is short and sweet: “When you need a massage and no one else is around this Massager gets the job done.”

Exactly what I need.

NURSAL (Photo via Amazon)

NURSAL (Photo via Amazon)

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