Trump Savages Media After Fake News Blowups, But What He Said About CNN And ABC Takes The House Down

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Over the past few weeks, multiple mainstream media outlets have been busted for fake news.

Both CNN and ABC have both had to issue corrections for misleading and false reporting. On Friday, CNN had to issue an embarrassing correction to a false story they pushed about Russian collusion in the election.

At a rally in Florida Friday night, President Donald Trump took a hammer to the fake news reports. Trump began touting how much the media has been apologizing for fake news.

But, and by the way, did you see all the corrections the media has been making? Saying ‘Sorry we made a mistake.’  They have been doing that all year. They never apologize. Maybe that comes with being the President. I don’t know? They have been apologizing left and right.

Then, Trump went after ABC’s Brian Ross, who reported fake news about Russian collusion last week. Ross has since been suspended by ABC. Trump gloried in Ross’s suspension before calling for his firing. Trump said:

They took this fraudster from ABC. They suspended him for a month. They should have fired him for what he wrote. He drove the stock market down 350 points in minutes, which, by the way, tells you they really like me, right?

And you know what he cost people? And I said to everybody, get yourself a lawyer and sue ABC News. Sue them.

Then Trump went to work on CNN.

And then CNN apologized just a little while ago. They apologized. Oh, thank you, CNN. Thank you so much. You should have been apologizing for the last two years.

The audience erupted.

Although, point of clarification, CNN only corrected the story and has not apologized or disciplined their reporters as of this posting.