Trump Thanks Hillary For Not Campaigning in Wisconsin: ‘The Russians Advised Her Not To Go’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Donald Trump touched on one of the most cutting memes against the Hillary Clinton campaign during a Florida rally Friday.  

Trump openly lambasted that Hillary did not campaign in Wisconsin, then the president asked if perhaps the Russians were the reason why Clinton lost the state. Trump thanked Hillary for not campaigning there in his comments:

We went to Wisconsin hasn’t been won in many, many years. Do you remember that? We went to Wisconsin. Hadn’t been won in many, many years. She decided not to go. Thank you very much, Hillary.

Then he dropped this scorching hot nuke:

I guess the Russians advised her not to go.

Trump then went to work on Hillary not listening to her husband Bill’s campaign advice and called her campaign a “bunch of dummies.”

But she decided not to go. And her husband supposedly said “You better go to Wisconsin. You better go to Michigan. I don’t like what I’m seeing. I was in Michigan and I was driving down the street and they have a Trump/Pence sign on every single lawn all the way to the arena. You better go there.” And she said “No, no, no. What a bunch of dummies. Bunch of dummies.