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What Device To Use To Vape Nicotine Salt

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I wanted to try vaping salt nicotine last weekend, but I lacked a device to do it with. I use a sub-ohm mod but needed something with much lower power. It felt strange going to the vape shop asking for a cheap device with low power after years of getting the newest and the coolest device.

I looked at a few devices and opted for the Suorin Air. This thing is tiny – certainly the lightest vaporizer that I have used so far. It measures 3.4 inches by 1.7 inches and is a little over 0.25 inches thick. This device is slightly smaller than a credit card and has a similar shape. I could actually put it in my wallet.

The Air has a 400 mAh integrated battery and a maximum output of 16 watts, which makes it a perfect device for vaping salt nicotine. The battery takes approximately 30 minutes to fully charge and I found that I only had to charge it one other time during the course of the day.

This device uses refillable pods which made it a more attractive option for me as you are not locked into one companies’ flavors, nicotine strengths and pricing. Or even limits on how many pods one can order per month as is the case with the JUUL.

I filled the pod with the Solace brand nicotine salt, Creamy Tobacco. Solace is quickly gaining notoriety for their high quality, rich and flavorful nicotine salts. My first puff, from my first nicotine salt, was great. It was definitely creamy and the flavor depth was something that I hadn’t thought possible previously.

The vapor production is low, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is a lower power device and the salt nicotine that is being vaped has a very high concentration of nicotine. The slight buzz one gets when smoking a cigarette is what you get with the device. The vapor production is low and the device is limited, making this a great option for those that want to use the Sourin Air discreetly.

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