Desperate Dem Opponent Compares Roy Moore To Segregationist

Julia Nista | General Assignment Reporter

A Doug Jones campaign mailer sent to Alabama residents just days before the Alabama Senatorial election compares Roy Moore to infamous segregationist George Wallace.

The mailer reads, “George Wallace fought to protect segregation. So did Roy Moore.” The cover of the mailer depicts George Wallace standing to block black students from enrolling at the University of Alabama in 1963.

Hannah Ford, a spokeswoman for Roy Moore, told Fox News, “Lying Doug Jones is at it again. This is just another attempt to manipulate African-American voters with lies while covering for his own horrible track record of defending an extremist with KKK ties.”

The mailer states that “as recently as 2004, [Moore] was fighting to keep racism the law in Alabama.” The mailer asserts that Moore campaigned “against removing racist, outdated language” from the Alabama Constitution that “required segregation in Alabama schools.”

According to, Moore voted in 2004 against an amendment to the Alabama consitution “which would have stricken language mandating that schools be segregated and makes mention of poll taxes.”

Moore believed “that the real motivation behind the amendment, which narrowly failed, was to increase funding for public schools, and therefore increase taxes.”

The latest racially charged campaign flyer from the Doug Jones campaign follows another racially charged campaign flyer in which a black man’s face is featured with the caption, “Think if a black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?”

Alabamians vote in the special election on December 12.

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