Beer Company Hit With Cease And Desist Over Beyonce-Inspired Beer

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A Brooklyn-based brewery was hit with a cease and desist letter for selling beer inspired by Beyonce.

Lineup Brewing began selling a pilsner called “Bïeryoncé” last October and returned it to shelves by popular demand this fall.

Some Beyonce fans were pumped about the beer and celebrated the launch.

One fan gushed about the beer, “Don’t worry, it drinks just as fiercely. The beer is amber in color, like Bey’s dress in ‘Hold Up,’ and has a warming malt finish, like a drizzle of honey in your cup of green tea.”

The brains behind the beer, Katarina Martinez, explained her inspiration for Bïeryoncé. “I decided to name it in her honor. I’m also a Hispanic, woman-owned and operated business, so I really look up to her and the strength and empowerment she promotes with women.”

But Martinez wasn’t safe in assuming Beyonce would be flattered. When she got the cease and desist letter she was bummed. “As a Hispanic, female run business, I am very inspired by her so I thought I’d pay homage. We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted!”

This isn’t the first time a beer company has gotten in trouble for ripping off a brand. Earlier this year, Minnesota-based Modist Brewing Company received a cease and desist letter for naming one of their brews “Dilly Dilly,” after the popular Bud Light catch phrase.

This cease and desist letter was a little more baller than Beyonce’s, however. Budweiser even offered Modist a private tour of the pit of misery. But I always thought that was just a Beyonce concert.

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