CNN, MSNBC Cover Trump’s TV Habits During NYC Explosion [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Authorities apprehended a terrorist suspect Monday after he orchestrated an explosion in downtown Manhattan, but CNN and MSNBC decided to pivot from the breaking news to cover a much more pressing story: President Donald Trump’s TV habits and love of Diet Coke.

Initial reports indicate that the explosion is a probable terror attack, but as details of the attack were still being fleshed out, both CNN and MSNBC spent a significant amount of time covering a New York Times story about a day in the life of POTUS.

CNN talked to Michael D’Antonio, a CNN contributor, about Trump’s TV-watching habits and how much diet coke he drinks every day from 8:40 am ET to 8:47 am.


“This is not, okay, what doctors would recommend!” anchor Alisyn Camerota exclaimed about the diet coke.

“The thing that would concern me more is this consistent consumption of fats and sugars and all sorts of stuff that’s bad for you,” D’Antonio argued. “Any physician would tell you that’s a recipe for problems.”

Meanwhile, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” a panel talked about the same story for nearly nine full minutes from 8:40 am to 8:49 am.


MSNBC contributor Nick Confessore dragged Trump for watching four hours of TV a day as the rest of the panel chuckled.

“How does this affect the work flow of a White House?” Confessore asked.

“Yeah, no question it’s a lot of TV time for any one of us probably,” Peter Baker, a reporter on the NYT piece, laughed. “He’s got it on when he’s going through papers or having a relatively casual meeting…when he doesn’t catch something right away he’s got what he calls his ‘super Tivo.'”

During the same timeframe, Fox News was covering the apparent terror attack, which injured four people, without commercial breaks.

Witnesses say a man near Port Authority had a bomb strapped to him, and the bomb either didn’t function properly or went off prematurely. Preliminary information indicates that the attack was “ISIS-inspired” and the suspect may have ties to Bangladesh. (RELATED: BRATTON: NYC Attack ‘ISIS Inspired,’ Suspect ‘Possibly’ Bangladeshi Immigrant) 

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