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How Did Bob Finally Quit Smoking?

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Bob Pearson, 60 years old, from Hampshire, England, shares his personal story on how he was able to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. He offers his challenging story in the hopes that others can gain some perspective and inspiration from it. But most of all, he shares his story to express his belief that any smoker that is serious about quitting CAN do it. But, especially by using the specific method he used, which happens to be gaining in popularity. How did Bob do it? By vaping, of course.

Bob was a smoker for 44 long years! He starts out by saying he has had bit of a vaping journey by using some of the earlier devices and eventually upgraded over periods of time to new and more experienced types of vape devices. During this time of using different devices, he was still what you would call a “dual” user of vaping products and cigarettes. But when a new technology came out called sub-ohming, he found that to be his eye-opening moment. He observed that this type of technology, which would be in the form of a more a experienced product, a box mod, was the most helpful in his transition from cigarettes to vaping. Within a few days of using a box mod with a sub-ohm tank, he managed to put down cigarettes for good. He is now two years smoke-free!

The video below is from Vapers Helping Smokers to Quit, a project run by Dr. Christopher Russell at the Centre for Substance Use Research in the UK. In the video, Bob his thoughts that there is a vaping device out there to suit virtually everyone. You just have to find it through trial and error, like he did. There are hundreds of different devices, tanks and e-juices with different levels of nicotine levels on the market. But by putting in the necessary work, he is fairly certain that you will find your most satisfying match to be content enough to kick the smoke habit.

He recommends beginners to find online chat groups, go to your local vape shops, and speak with vapers that you may know personally. This will better your understanding and knowledge about the vaping world and what is out there.

The most amazing part of his story is that his health has dramatically improved. He no longer is out of breath so quickly, and he feels better in general. More evidence that vaping is a harm-reducing alternative that is finally coming to light and can hopefully take the place traditional cigarettes.

Another success story! Vaping was the method that kept Bob off the cigarettes for good.