Journos Fret Over Sarah Sanders Calling Out Fake News [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Journalists lost their minds on Monday when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders battled CNN’s Jim Acosta over fake news.

“A number of outlets have had to retract and change and rewrite and make editor’s note to a number of different stories,” Sanders said of the false stories being peddled by the likes of CNN, Bloomberg, and ABC. “There’s a very big difference between making honest mistakes and purposely misleading the American people.” (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Gets Into It With CNN Over Fake News Question: ‘I’m Not Finished!’)

The media immediately flew into defense mode after the exchange, claiming that the media never intentionally spreads disinformation.

“It makes all of us angry,” CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin anchor seethed. “It makes all of us angry.”


“Look, we’re human beings, as Jim said earlier, we’re going to make mistakes,” CNN political analyst Brian Karem said. “And we always apologize and correct ourselves.”

CNN did not apologize for for inaccurate reporting about an email that was sent to Donald Trump Jr. with a link to stolen Democratic documents.

“The people in this White House have such disdain for what he do,” Karem whined. “It’s a matter of divide and conquer.”

CNN political analyst April Ryan similarly complained that the White House is a “totally different” place than what it was when past presidents were in office.


“The contention was there, Sarah was there–she knew exactly what she was going to do,” Ryan declared. “She came in there and she wanted to cut down any back and forth that could make the president look bad…I’ve never seen a room like that and it’s getting worse.”

Meanwhile on MSNBC, anchor Katy Tur said Sanders was “less than pleased” during the briefing and urged Sanders to apologize to reporters for the lies the administration has allegedly told reporters.

“Let’s be clear about something–reporters make mistakes, we’re human…and when the mistake is serious enough sometimes we are suspended or fired,” she complained.


“Is this just incredibly dangerous and incredibly problematic?” Tur later asked a guest, MSNBC national security contributor Michael Schmidt.

“His narrative isn’t true but it has had some staying power and it has had some impact,” Schmidt responded. “It’s been a good distraction from him because he’s had some news over the past few weeks on the Russia investigation that has not been good.”

Beyond the on-air meltdown over Sanders’ attack on the media, journalists on Twitter further expressed their anger.

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