Today In Media: CNN Gives Trump Diet Advice [VIDEO]

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It’s Monday, December 11, 2017, and this is Today in Media.


Today, CNN occupies an alarming number of spots on our top five countdown of the most ridiculous takes in the media.

CNN decided this morning that it was imperative they spend seven full minutes on President Donald Trump’s TV habits and his love for diet coke — even though the country was in the process of learning details about a terror attack in New York City. Instead, CNN wondered if doctors would approve of Trump’s diet and how much the president hate-watches their network.

Later on in the show, the cohosts discuss two major stories that CNN had to either walk back or correct. Instead of apologizing for their mistakes, CNN decided to blame the public and the president for not trusting the media in the first place.

As The Atlantic’s David Frum claims, you know you can trust the media because they’re constantly making mistakes. Wait…what?

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