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‘Thank God For Vaping,’ Says 46-Year Smoker Who Finally Quit

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Robert Noel, 56, from Arcadia, Ohio started smoking cigarettes at the extremely early age of 10. Everyone around him – both family and friends – were smokers, so he felt the need to fit in. He would sneak as many cigarettes in each day as he could, because he knew deep down that he wasn’t supposed to be. This is what kids do, right? Well, it progressed from there until he was a full-blown smoker, every day for 46 years.

While in his 30s he had his first stroke, and since has been living with very high blood pressure for years. He says, “Thank the good Lord I am still here.”

He has tried Chantix, patches, nicotine gum, hypnotism, etc. He tried “just about everything under the sun.” Nothing worked for him.

One day he came across e-cigarettes at his local gas station. He picked one and used it, but it just didn’t do the trick it for him. The cig-a-like device that he bought wasn’t satisfying enough for him to permanently steer clear of the cigarettes. After that unsuccessful gas station e-cig attempt, a friend introduced him to a website Vapor4Life. His friend told him they specialize in beginner supplies for vapers. I can attest that they very much do and actually have much more on top of just beginner supplies. So Robert went ahead and took the plunge. He bought a couple of devices until he found one that worked for him. The rest is history. Robert has been smoke-free for two years. He even helped his wife get off the smokes.

His doctor told him at his last appointment that his blood pressure is much lower than it was when he was smoking. His health improved dramatically and he feels better overall. His plan is to ween off the nicotine entirely. That’s the good thing with e-juices, they come in different nicotine levels, so you can choose which level you vape. Then you can slowly lessen the nicotine intake so that you can quit it altogether, if you choose to.

He is happy to say he found vaping and is ecstatic that this type of technology is made available to him. He ends with saying, “Thank God for vaping.” Check out his video below.