US Teen Charged With Planning Terror Attack, Trying To Join ISIS

Anders Hagstrom | Justice Reporter

An 18-year-old Texas man was charged Monday with distributing information on how to make bombs and attempting to join the Islamic State, according to the Justice Department.

Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya, a U.S. Citizen, was arrested Friday and admitted to attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS twice, Reuters reported Monday. Damlarkaya is one of several Americans who have been arrested for supporting ISIS throughout 2017. The FBI moved to arrest the teen after he exchanged instructions on how to create a pressure cooker bomb with an undercover FBI agent in an online chat room.

Damlarkaya told the FBI agent that if his attempts to get to Syria failed, he would initiate a terror attack within the U.S. in hopes to spur others into action.

“Damlarkaya provided a formula to alleged ISIS supporters for the explosive, Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP), and instructions on how to use TATP in a pressure cooker device that contained shrapnel,” the DOJ said in a statement. “He also discussed the use of a machete or Samurai sword as an alternative to a gun or explosive.”

Damlarkaya also allegedly asked the FBI agent to release a “farewell video” in the event of his death in a terror attack.

The first U.S. citizen to be convicted of trying to join ISIS was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October. The man, Mohamad Khweis, unlike the dozens of other people in the United States who failed to join ISIS and were subsequently charged, actually made it to Syria, but after just three months tried to escape and was captured by Kurdish forces.

Damlarkaya is currently in prison awaiting a Dec. 14 preliminary hearing.

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