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‘What If Trump Started Vaping Regularly In Public?’

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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On Tuesday Mornging, Scott Nover, an Editorial Fellow at The Atlantic, tweeted out an interesting idea:

What if Trump started vaping in public?

I would say that would be a fantastic idea. The image I have in my head of President Trump just strolling down the street vaping on a nice vape mod kind of makes me laugh. Or even while at his desk in the Oval Office, with his legs up, taking a big puff off of a vape; that would be the picture to take…

I’m not sure the president would ever do this, since most vapers are ex-smokers and he’s never smoked a cigarette. But this raises the good point that you don’t need to have a history with cigarettes to take up the healthy alternative to nicotine consumption. Maybe one day President Trump will take a draw on a e-cig or a vape mod simply out of curiosity. That would be cool!

I think if President Trump were to vape, he could be an icon for the vape community, the way Marine Le Pen is in France. The public could take their lead from Trump, like how men stopped wearing fedoras everyday when President Kennedy refused to don such a hat. This would come at the perfect time – when vaping is a smart harm reducing alternative to smoking but still met with disdain in government circles. We need to keep it legal and widely available to people in the U.S.

President Obama was a smoker. There probably was a better chance to see the president pick up a vape when he was in the Oval Office, considering his wife made him quit.

Trump vaping out of thin air would be surprising, yet very interesting. Recent reports that he loves Diet Coke reveal a man who likes caffeine, so why not take the next step to nicotine? So I say, Mr. President, have a vape! We’d love to have you.