Jim Jordan Grills Rosenstein Over Dossier, Agent Strzok [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Rep. Jim Jordan grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday about the objectivity of the FBI and the special counsel’s Russia investigation.


Jordan asked Rosenstein during a House Judiciary Committee hearing what he was going to do so that the public could regain trust in the FBI. Jordan focused on the FBI’s alleged reliance on the Democrat-funded Trump dossier and the recently-fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was caught sending anti-Trump text messages.

“If you guys paid Christopher Steele at the same time the Democrats and the Clinton campaign paid him,” Jordan said, referring to the author of the infamous Trump dossier, “or if you took the dossier, dressed it all up, took it to the FISA court and used it as the basis to get a warrant … this is unbelievable.”

“This guy thought he was super agent James Bond at the FBI,” Jordan said of Strzok. “I’m here to tell you, Mr. Rosenstein, that I think the public trust in this whole thing is gone.”

Jordan urged Rosenstein as “the guy in charge” to get a second special prosecutor who can look into the FBI’s alleged anti-Trump bias.

Rosenstein asserted that the DOJ is reviewing Strzok’s behavior, which led to the release of the anti-Trump texts, but Jordan argued that those actions weren’t enough.

“What’s it going to take to get a second special counsel to answer these questions?” Jordan pressed. “How many text messages do you have to see before you decide it’s time for a second special counsel?”

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