Happy VapesGiving!

Joe Sylvester | Contributor

American Vaping Association, a 501 c(4) tax-exempt organization has announced which appears to be the first of an annual fundraising drive. The purpose of the fundraiser is to aid advocacy groups in various states that are trying to stave off government encroachment and correct misinformation from anti-vaping organizations.

In their announcement email, Gregory Conley, President of the AVA, spoke to the need for such fundraising, “We have undertaken this campaign because so many organizations — primarily those defending vaping at the state level — have expressed a need for assistance in fundraising to allow them to continue doing their important work.”

So-called #VapesGiving offers those who vape a real opportunity to aid in defending what many of us know to be a safer alternative, one that has helped many to quit smoking.

The company Naked 100 has offered to match VapesGiving contributions up to $190,000. Naked 100 is quickly becoming one of the best e-liquid companies in the market, and with their matching funds have illustrated a forward-thinking mindset which will be beneficial to all vapers.

Matching donations are applied through December 19. If you love vaping and want to ensure your right to do so, consider giving today.

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