Hillary Clinton Says Alabama Election A Lesson For Trump And ‘Destructive Advisors’ Like Bannon

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Hillary Clinton told her Canadian fans in Vancouver Wednesday night that this week’s Alabama Senatorial election is a wake-up call for President Donald Trump and his “destructive advisors.”

The Toronto Star reports that Clinton called the defeat of Republican Roy Moore to Democrat Doug Jones a historic “turning point.”

In her final appearance of the transnational tour to promote her book “What Happened,” the former Democratic presidential candidate spoke to a crowd of 5,000, during which she ribbed President Trump for everything from his incessant tweeting to fondness for Diet Coke. She lauded the fact that another Democratic Senator will soon be heading for Washington because it makes her “a tiny bit less” worried about catastrophe for America.

“For me, this was a very important turning point in basically holding President Trump and his most vitriolic, destructive advisers, led by Steve Bannon, accountable,” she said.

The former secretary of state cautioned that although “people seem to be turning against the Trump philosophy and ideology… it’s by no means the end of the story.”

Nonetheless, Clinton called it a “a good sign” and applauded the participation of black voters in Alabama in electing Jones.

The former First Lady also spent time deriding the president for his foreign policy, social media and love of Diet Coke.

“Apparently he drinks a dozen of them a day,” Clinton added. “I don’t know what that does to your brain.”

Clinton promised she wasn’t going to be leaving the national stage anytime soon: “I’m going to keep fighting for what I think is right.”


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