Sarah Sanders Gracefully Ends #PieGate

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders effectively ended #PieGate after she shared pictures on Twitter of her baking her famous pecan pies.

Sanders shared a picture of one of the pies last month, but the pie apparently looked too perfect for CNN contributor April Ryan. Ryan suggested that Sanders had bought the pie or shared a stock photo, tweeting “show it to us on a table.” (RELATED: CNN’s April Ryan Suggests Without Evidence Sarah Sanders Faked Her Pie)

 Sanders was happy to accept Ryan’s challenge, and in a series of tweets last night she walked Ryan through her baking process and even offered her a pie.
“It’s pie time! With or without bourbon @AprilDRyan? #piegate,” Sanders tweeted with a photo of her ingredients laid out.

Sanders threw in another jab at Ryan, asking her if she needed “further documentation” that Sanders can bake a perfect pecan pie.

“Excited to share these at tomorrow’s press potluck,” Sanders concluded.

The finished product looks practically identical to the pie that set off #PieGate, aside from lighting. Here’s the first pie, as a reminder:

Ryan responded to Sanders’ tweets, insisting she was excited to see the pies but that she wouldn’t eat them.

Hopefully now we can put this whole thing to rest.

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