Terry Bradshaw Has A Hot Take On Kaepernick’s ‘Citizen Of The Year’ Award

Jena Greene | Reporter

Former Steelers QB and Fox Sports commentator Terry Bradshaw had an interesting take on GQ’s Citizen Of The Year.

At a Wednesday premier for his upcoming part in “Role Models,” Bradshaw was asked for any thoughts he may have on Kaepernick winning the 2017 award.

“He opened up the eyes of a lot of people, both good and bad, and I happen to think good. And he has paid the consequences, stopped playing in the NFL and people won’t touch him, they don’t want to deal with all the drama. So God bless him, that takes a powerful, strong man to do something like that, so well deserved. Whether you like it or not, well deserved,” Bradshaw said.

He continued by saying Kaepernick should be allowed back in the NFL. “I don’t see how you could keep him out. He’s a good guy.”

Well Terry, do I have news for you. The standard by which the NFL admits players is not whether or not they’re “good guys.” If only it were that simple.

This isn’t the first time Bradshaw has put his foot in his mouth. A few years back, Bradshaw found himself in a heap of trouble after allegedly remarking that Reggie Bush looked like he was “chasing a bucket of chicken” after gaining considerable yardage. Bradshaw later walked back the remarks, claiming he was talking about a coworker.

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