The Screen Actors Guild Excludes Male Presenters On ‘Double Take’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Emily Jashinsky, commentary writer for The Washington Examiner, joins Julia Nista and Amber Athey in discussing the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards show and their all-female presenters in the latest episode of “Double Take.”


  • The Screen Actor’s Guild has decided to only feature female presenters, according to Glamour magazine.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America tweeted “Killing #NetNeutrality Would Kill Access To Abortion Information.” They stated that “there is no reproductive freedom without Net Neutrality. Without a free and open internet, anti-choice extremists could pay to block access to accurate information about reproductive health.”
  • A young boy is dressing as a drag queen, with the drag name “Lacticia.” Elle Magazine tweeted out a video that depicts the child in drag costume and giving out beauty tips to viewers. The child is eight years old.

What will “Double Take” tackle next? Watch the next episode to find out!

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