When Playing Lightsaber Goes Wrong — Man Waving Stick Gunned Down By Bean Bags [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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A man waving a stick around like a lightsaber was blasted by Brazilian police with bean bag rounds, a video posted Thursday to LiveLeak shows.

Though he definitely tried, he was completely unable to block any of the non-lethal munitions fired his way.


I’m not sure what this young Jedi Knight was thinking, but I don’t think a stick is quite the weapon you want when facing several highly armed Brazilian police. Those guys don’t mess around.

At least he realizes that after a few bean bags to the body, and promptly surrenders.

As I’ve said before, the best fight videos come from Russia. The most entertaining, however, come from Brazil.

In fact, I’d say the most demonstrable example of neo-colonialism in the modern world is Westerners profiting off ridiculous crime videos from Brazil, as I am doing now.

The other is all those foreign mining companies buying up land in Africa, but who cares about that?