MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suddenly Loves Law Enforcement When It’s Going After Trump [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

MSNBC host Joy Reid accused police of “killing black men, women, and children,” Saturday, then quickly pivoted to praise special counsel Robert Mueller, calling him the “most respected FBI director in U.S. history.”


Reid said, “You know, to go back to Mueller for just a second, Jill, is that you have this sort of coordinated campaign, not just against the FBI–and its extraordinary to hear Republicans who are angry that NFL players are kneeling in response to law enforcement killing black men, women and children, and who claim that Black Lives Matter hates the police, attacking, actively attacking, the FBI and law enforcement and Bob Mueller who is decorated Navy veteran, Vietnam, and probably the most respected FBI director in, you know, U.S. history. Anyway, hearing the way that they are attacking him is extraordinary.”

Some of Reid’s previous statements about law enforcement include:

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