New Report Suggests Mueller Probe Could Stretch Far Into 2018

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team have told confidants that they expect the Russia investigation to last deep into 2018, according to a new report.

That timeline would run contrary to what Trump’s legal team has reportedly told him about the Mueller investigation.

White House special counsel Ty Cobb has reportedly told Trump that the Russia investigation would be wrapped up by the end of this year. Other members of the legal team have told Trump that he could expect to be exonerated early next year.

But according to The Washington Post:

People with knowledge of the investigation said it could last at least another year — pointing to ongoing cooperation from witnesses such as former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as a possible trial of two former Trump campaign officials. The special counsel’s office has continued to request new documents related to the campaign, and members of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum.

A prolonged Mueller investigation will likely not sit well with Trump. He has told advisers that he expects to be cleared of colluding with the Russian government and of obstructing justice in the firing of James Comey as FBI director. Mueller is investigating both matters as part of an expansive investigation that began on May 17.

Trump’s legal team is expected to meet with Mueller’s prosecutors this week. According to The Post, Trump’s lawyers are likely to ask Mueller whether any additional information or witnesses are needed for the probe.

“You’ve had all these witnesses, all these records. Is there anything else you need from the White House?” will be the Trump legal team’s question, according to The Post.

Cobb told reporters last week that Mueller had concluded all of his interviews with White House officials. But it emerged over the weekend that Mueller has recently obtained emails from the Trump transition team and has been asking witnesses questions based on those documents.

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