Police Clash With ‘Anti-Fascist Protesters’ In Italy [VIDEO]

Liam Clancy Reporter
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Italian police violently clashed with “anti-fascist protesters” in the Italian town of Modena Friday.

According to RT, the anti-fascists were preparing to “disrupt” a rally organized by a far-right group called “Defend Modena.” The right-wing group was protesting against Jus soli, a legal principle that allows those born in a country to obtain citizenship to that country.

Video footage from Ruptly captured the moment police and “anti-fascists” start to brawl.


RT reports that up to 300 “anti-fascists and anarchists” attempted to march into the area where the “Defend Modena” was demonstrating, but police blocked their path. The “anti-fascists” then began to throw explosives, smoke pellets, and other objects at police.

Police in riot gear then charged the “anti-fascist” group, beating several of the counter-protesters with batons. Police also used a water cannon to disperse the unruly crowd.

There were no reports of serious injuries, but at least two people were arrested in the clash.