Tax Bill Protester Calls Paul Ryan A Liar [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Speaker Paul Ryan’s tax speech on the House floor was interrupted Tuesday by a protester yelling, “you’re a liar!”


Speaker Ryan delivered a rousing endorsement of the GOP’s tax bill shortly ahead of the vote, asserting that Republicans are “giving the people of this country their money back.”

A protester in the gallery interrupted the speech, yelling, “you’re lying!”

“You’re lying, you’re lying,” the woman cried.

“The House is out of order,” Ryan replied with a smirk.

The chair asserted that the House would not continue with proceedings until the protester was removed from the House, but she continued to scream “you’re lying” and “you’re a liar.”

She also started to say, “only the rich people” before the official audio of the floor was cut. The audio returned after the woman was removed.

“I’d simply like to remind my colleagues and the speaker that my minute can last for as long as I want it to last,” Ryan joked when he was again recognized to speak.

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