‘Tax Cuts Will Only Help The Rich’ Is A Lie

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Amani Douglas Freelance Writer
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I have grown increasingly weary of the repetitive claim made by politicians that the current push for tax reform is fueled solely by sinister motives geared towards economically benefiting only powerful Corporations and the wealthiest among us. I am a sales representative in the home improvement industry and the employee-owned small business where I work is starving for a significant tax cutting package to make it to President Trump’s desk. I know from my work experience that middle- to upper middle-class homeowners with whom I speak daily during the fall season often wait until after they have paid their taxes to make decisions regarding the possible purchase of the products I offer. I want them to have more disposable money after Tax Day to make a decision in the affirmative easier.

Lower taxes for the middle to upper-middle class will certainly lead to more money placed directly into the pockets of millions of American small business employees who sell things like energy efficient windows, shade products, swimming pools, and air conditioners. Lower taxes will lead to an increase in sales. This boost in revenue leads to more shifts for those who work in the offices of these companies as well as the people who manufacture and install the products that are sold. Potential customers who have been delaying a roof replacement for their home or buying a new fence to enclose their yard due to budget concerns will be more likely to do so with a lowering of their tax burden. There are millions of hard working Americans, clearly not rich by any financial measure, who will benefit directly from these tax cuts and to say otherwise simply isn’t true.

Will the proposed tax cuts help powerful corporations? I most certainly hope so. Large corporations hire and pay a lot of people who make up the middle and, overall, working class. Not everyone works for the government. The more money the government spends and controls, the less money there is streaming through the economy for the rest of us Americans struggling in the private sector to capture for use in realizing our own dreams. Major corporations investing money and expanding their operations within the borders of United States in the wake of substantial tax savings is good for all Americans.

Before I became a sales representative, I worked at a resort hotel for over two decades. That experience clearly demonstrated to me that more money freely flowing through an expanding economy meant more tips and longer shifts for both myself and my fellow workers. A growing, strong economy is a must for people working in the service industries and widespread tax cuts will add more fuel to an economy that is already gaining momentum with each passing day. One specific example of how companies of all sizes in the private sector spending the money they save through tax cuts can help those working in the Hospitality Industry is when they participate in group functions such as conventions and seminars.

There is nothing wrong with private companies having more available cash to book engagements at Hotels so that millions of Americans who work at these properties can have an economic boom of their own. When a group books a large number of rooms at a hotel, it directly benefits everyone working at that property. Housekeeping departments, banquet staff, kitchen staff, food and beverage servers, bellman, front desk employees are all aided in achieving a maximum possible income. Everyone who works within the boundaries of the property will benefit directly from this type of increase in hotel occupancy. I hope everyone in the corporate world is ready to book more hotel rooms after their tax savings are delivered because that will prove to be a significant financial boost for millions of hard working Americans.

During my time working in the hospitality industry, I was a server and manager in a resort hotel room service department for over a dozen years dating back to 1990.  I witnessed firsthand what business is like during the peaks and valleys of American prosperity. A booming economy leads to a healthy stack of tip money at the end of each shift and the only problems usually revolve around too many shifts that often extended beyond the typical 8 hours. A sluggish economy meant full time shifts on the weekend and only part time shifts on weekdays resulting in lack luster tip totals accompanied by small paychecks. An economic state of ‘Recession’ meant the possibility of walking around the corner and coming face to face with employees crying in front of the schedule because they don’t have enough hours to cover the electric bill. Room Service is a luxury for many hotel visitors. I would serve the same families on vacation year after year and the number of times they would order room service during their stay would often be influenced by the health of the economy.

As a guy who is used to partly relying on tips, I wanted people to have enough money in their vacation budget to order room service every night they stayed at the hotel. I wanted the hotel occupancy to be as high as possible throughout the year and the travelers who stayed with us to spend as much money as they could while they were there. Americans paying more taxes in a mediocre economy does not help this situation all. We need middle class tax cuts so hotel guests can spend those extra dollars to stay longer, eat often in the hotel restaurants, and drink up in the hotel bars.

We need as much cash flowing freely through the American economy as possible and what I have seen in the currently evolving push for tax reform is a good start. People keeping more of their money to spend as they see fit is something that will benefit workers from every socioeconomic level throughout the complicated web of the American Economy. I would also add that corporations and small businesses having more money to increase hiring and pay better wages is also positive. Rich people, business owners and major corporations are not villains. They employ most of us Americans. Don’t buy into a divisive message — befitting of a low-level snake oil salesman — that would indicate otherwise.

Is more money for Americans coming directly from tax savings or as result of more shifts due to a vibrant economy? A raise at work? A tree that grows money? Most hard-working Americans don’t care where the cash is coming from and if they are allowed to keep more of their own income, even better. They have been waiting for government to get out of the way and not serve to suck the life out of any hope of upward mobility within our economy. Many Americans are sick of struggling and they need this huge injection of monetary juice flowing through the veins of America so they can break the vicious cycle of living pay check to paycheck.  Others are tired of having to make tough financial choices because the government has become a black hole of unaccountability for the taxes they pay. The claim that the proposed tax cuts will only help the rich is a lie and no matter how many times politicians repeatedly shout it out in order to strengthen their own political party won’t make it any truer. Pass tax cuts now.

Amani Douglas is a freelance writer.

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