Woman Alleging That Linda Sarsour Enabled Sexual Harassment Talks About Experience [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Asmi Fathelbab, a woman who accused Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour of enabling sexual harassment, gave an interview to Fox News Wednesday, describing her experience.


Fathelbab, appearing on “The Story With Martha MacCallum,” addressed backlash she’s received since coming forward with allegations.

“I’m getting messages on Twitter, on Facebook even, where there’s more body shaming. I’m being told that I’m doing this for attention, it’s politically charged somehow, I’m not really sure how that’s possible because I’m not doing this for any reason other than wanting my story out there. [Sarsour] also has her people claiming that it’s — other than having a right wing, excuse me, and left wing situation, it’s against Islam. And it’s — I’m just trying to defame her name somehow by saying what happened.”

MacCallum asked, “Why would that be against Islam? Are you not supposed to speak out as was suggested? A woman’s not supposed … is that true?

She answered, “It’s not actually true. I mean, I’m Muslim, and these people are Muslim as well. And I’ve studied Islam. Nowhere in there that it say you can’t say anything.”

She added, “Nowhere in there does it say you’re against the religion if you stand up for yourself.”


The Daily Caller reported on Fathelbab’s allegations recently.

She claims that after beginning to work at the Arab American Association in New York in 2009 she experienced sexual harassment, and that Sarsour enabled it. (RELATED: Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault Against Woman Who Worked For Her)

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