Barry Manilow Says He’ll Run For President So Everyone Can Get Laid Again

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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Barry Manilow may not be serious about running for president, but his campaign promise would probably receive widespread support.

Earlier this week the 74-year-old singer tweeted that if he were elected president of the United States, everybody would get laid and be happy again.

“I know. I’ll run for president. I’ll make some romantic music. Everybody will get laid. And everybody will be happy again,” Manilow wrote. (RELATED: Barry Manilow Opens Up About His Sexuality After A 40-Year Secret Romance)

It’s unclear what prompted Manilow’s tweet, but he followed it up a day later with another one, including a potential campaign slogan that’s not far off from the one Donald Trump used in the 2016 presidential election.

“#MAHA. Make America Happy Again. #Manilow2020,” the tweet read.

It’s highly unlikely that the legendary singer will actually run for office, but if there’s anything the 2016 election taught us it’s that anything is possible. Nobody thought Trump would ever set up residence in the White House, but there he is and where is Hillary Clinton?