Could America Win A War Against The Entire World?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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I found myself in a fascinating debate yesterday over one simple question: could America hold out forever in a war against the entire world if nukes weren’t in play?

The question spawned from so many nations voting to condemn America at the UN yesterday. I quickly found myself embroiled in a massive debate, so I decided to throw a Twitter poll out to the people.

So far, the results aren’t even close. There are over 1,000 votes, and 85 percent of people thin the world could never force America into surrendering. Props to the vast majority of you for believing that America is better than everybody.

I think this is a fascinating question, and we obviously wouldn’t get an answer until it actually happened.

However, I think there are a few things to point out. I absolutely believe America could fight a defensive war for pretty much eternity. Our Navy would destroy any of our enemies trying to cross the ocean, we would bomb the hell out of any staging point on our borders and our air defenses would obliterate any long range bombers trying to hit the mainland. Our military is second to none.

I think there’s a very real possibility the United States could do so much damage before one enemy soldier hit our soil that the rest of the world might just give up. Imagine if the rest of the world’s navies were destroyed before they even crossed the ocean. That’d be about as demoralizing as it could get. This situation is incredibly realistic when you consider the fact that we have more operational and better aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. Aircraft carriers rule the sea, and nobody does it better than us.

So, an invasion by air or sea is next to impossible, unless the rest of the world is okay with potentially losing millions of men and massive amount of supplies, weapons, ships and planes before they even get here.

Let’s assume for the sake of debate that eventually a foreign force does make its way to America. They’d then get the privilege of being introduced to the United States Army, the Marine Corps and every other single element of the United States military that could be thrown at them. If they some how managed to defeat all of those elements, which would almost certainly never happen, then the enemy would get to deal with millions of heavily-armed and pissed off civilians. It would be a bloodbath in the streets that the world has never seen before. It would make “Red Dawn” look like a pleasant picnic with the family.

None of these scenarios are even accounting for the fact it’d be borderline impossible to fight a ground war for several months out of the year in parts of the country. Armies aren’t going to be on the move when it’s below zero in Montana and Wyoming for months, and vehicles don’t exactly do well in heavy snow.

All of these things put together make me believe that there is no plausible scenario where the United States could ever be forced into surrender, let alone occupied. It’s just not going to happen.

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