Kiss From A Rose: NYC Ladies Can’t Get Enough Of Ousted CBS Anchor

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Is ex-CBSer Charlie Rose the honey badger of sexual harassers?

Maybe, because he just doesn’t give a shit.

Rose, 75, was recently holding court in Gabriel’s bar in Manhattan, according to NYP‘s Page Six. And shockingly the ladies didn’t find him stinky at all. They were reportedly eating him up, wanting selfies with the longtime newsman who enjoyed disrobing in front of underlings at his home for kicks.

A Washington area journalist remarked to The Mirror, “He may be a sexual pervert, but he’s still rich. That goes a long way, especially in Manhattan.”

Perhaps this was not the “reckoning” that Rose’s former “CBS This Morning” co-host Norah O’Donnell was speaking of when Rose got pricked by his own past digressions.

According to Emily Smith‘s item, Rose had a “attractive young brunette” by his side at the bar. Meanwhile, women were dying to get pics with him.

In November, Rose was toppled by the weight of the sexual harassment movement of the last few years. PBS and CBS canned him after all kinds of weird, disturbing details of sexual misconduct emerged with at least eight women offering up damning allegations.

Rose disputed Page Six’s version of women “lining up” for selfies with him. Instead, he said he shared a sexual experience of a completely different sort. He said the women who approached him at the bar had a Labrador who copulated with his dog five years ago for breeding purposes.

Come on. Who doesn’t run into previous dog sex partners in a New York bar after your life goes under siege for sexually harassing 21-year-olds?

Rose said he’s ready to listen — not talk.

In the meantime: selfies.